Tucker: Why Is This Happening?

Tucker: Why Is This Happening?

By Fox News

‘Tucker Carlson: Examines the consequences of ‘negligence’ in leadership.

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Populist Puerto Rican
The annoying thing is… There are people who will hear what Tucker is saying, and get angry for some reason. Most of them probably won’t even know what the reason is.

Hands down, one of the very best Tucker monologues ever.

jb buck
I was born back in the early 50’s and can still remember what freedom was like and what it felt like to be happy. We never had much but we sure had fun and love for family and friends I’m Now living in the twilight zone where it seems like every one is just going around looking down at a little peace of plastic and talking to there self. Very sad to think we traded all the good things in life for this.

Sonja Marx
Tucker hit the nail on the head with this one. I couldn’t agree more. The more people populate a country, the more the government and thus the bureaucracy grows. Power is becoming increasingly centralized. The problem: centralized governmental power always leads to an authoritarian, totalitarian regime.

Outstanding Tucker, it’s so refreshing to hear the truth about where our country is headed with the controlled individuals running it.

Oh man… this is the most inspiring speech I have ever heard of somebody who obviously loves and cares about his country! Why we never hear such true and important words for any politicians nowadays?

How every American doesn’t see the obvious, like Tucker, is beyond me. God bless this great American. And never end the fight.

george Hill
Brilliant commentary.
Exceptional in today’s journalistic world.

Original source: https://youtu.be/1ka7zKnzEfs

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