Senator Gerard Rennick on Facebook Watch

Senator Gerard Rennick on Facebook Watch

By Senator Gerard Rennick 

Here’s what others had to say:

Greg Newell
Great information very similar to my case major cover-up .thank you for exposing this and bring it to the public attention very scary times so many of us being left injured

Theresa Schroeder
We know they are sweeping the truth under the rug! Thank you for your bravery! God bless you! This evil agenda must be stopped!!!

Bree Za
It’s absolute insanity that people trust the science as they inject their 5 year olds 😭

Emma Bampton
Alison Coleman NSW 7 year old victim apparently… needs to be looked into and shared credibly if true and genuine. It is being shared but people don’t believe etc. Please do your thing. 🙏

Jimboy M. Alesna
I hope our country Philippines will know about this 🙏

Emma Higgins
How many humans will it take? 😞 hold the line

Kaye Disney
This needs to be on main stream media …very powerful and so sad

Susan Laroche Wright
So telling. This is a testimony that many people will never want to hear or acknowledge.

Maxine Wright
Senator Gerard Rennick thank u so much for ur support and honest reporting. However this has gone unresolved for way to long. Can u give us some answers on how We The People can make it all stop??

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