In Victoria, a 12-Year-Old Can Now Provide Consent…….for a 12-Year-Old!

In Victoria, a 12-Year-Old Can Now Provide Consent…….for a 12-Year-Old!

By Andrew Bogut

In Victoria, a 12-year-old can now provide consent…….FOR A 12-YEAR-OLD!

Does anyone out there with kids AGREE that this is ok?


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Here’s what others had to say:

Surely not! Give them a bank card aswell whilst we are at it.

I’m sorry but this is wrong! How can this be legal? Who voted for this to happen? I’m honestly shocked.

Don’t need parent consent to get the jab but need parent consent to go on a school excursion. Ridiculous.

Just disturbing and sad! Hoping Australians wake the F up sooner than later
Love your work mate.

I had to Sign a Form For Facepainting Last Week, yet my Son Can give his own Consent for an injection where death is listed as an adverse reaction.

This is beyond fucked up. A child CANNOT make this sort of decision. This is infuriating.

As a parent I need to give consent for Panadol but a vaccine is ok?

Children are incapable of understanding the implications of such a decision.
Absolutely disgusting taking advantage of children in this way, this is an attack on our children.

I asked my soon-to-be 12 yr old daughter if she would prefer to catch Covid or have the jab. She said Covid. Smart girl, I reckon.

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