I Can’t Attend Any Events Celebrating Freedom as a Guest Without Being Criticised by Various Representatives of Movements, the Government and the Mainstream Media

I Can’t Attend Any Events Celebrating Freedom as a Guest Without Being Criticised by Various Representatives of Movements, the Government and the Mainstream Media

By Real Rukshan

At first, it was : I can’t work at freedom protests without being criticised by government authorities and the mainstream media. Now it looks like: I can’t attend any events celebrating freedom as a guest without being criticised by various representatives of movements, the government and the mainstream media.

I’ve been told that of course I could attend as a guest only if the event met all the correct criteria, which brings me back to the same type of things the government says about attending only protests that meet the correct criteria. As fascinating and amusing as all of this is, it’s mostly just a distraction for all involved.

I will keep doing what I’m doing – because the very reason I went to cover protests in the first place was because I didn’t care much for what the government said. Likewise, the same applies here, I don’t care very much for the criticisms being levelled against me for attending this event, because I’m doing something which I’m prepared to stand by.

The implication that I’m not aware of the optics of attending these events, are the same type of arguments thrown around about me not knowing the optics of attending freedom protests. If I only cared about optics and my image in the public, I would most likely not be doing what I’m doing.

Despite what you may have heard about this event, I want to commend the organiser Simeon (Aussie Cossack) for bringing even some people within the same space together. As always, everyone is entitled to form their own opinions on the intent and the appropriateness of such gatherings. For me personally, It was an opportunity to chat with and gain insights from some of those working within the independent media / content creation space in Sydney.

I hope there continues to be events like this organised by various individuals and/or organisations going forward, perhaps even implementing the lessons and feedback learned from this event.

Addressing this issue in public out of courtesy to those that are messaging me for my thoughts on the matter.

Here’s what others had to say:

You are a free person to do what you want. There seem to be too many people within the ‘freedom’ movement who have developed huge egos and want to rule over the movement like the government wants to rule over the people.
You do whatever you feel is right for you

Incredibly sad that whilst we are fighting for freedom, hope, positivity & less judgment of others around our nation here you are having to justify your actions to some of who you’ve dedicated endless hours towards their freedoms
What a sad situation.
The opinions are creating a divide ~ who cares who organizes what event, march or so on…. It ALL creates awareness in the end.
STOP fighting & start spreading the love for god sake….. our nation is completely broken.

It’s all about pushing a certain political party now…. It’s going down hill.

Obviously there will be different perspectives and criticism given that Queensland locked their people out just as NSW let them in.. the emotions are raw in our country. We are one country. So the name of the ball will strike to the core when not everyone feels free.

When there’s tyrany reigning Celebrating freedom is in poor taste ? There are no freedom right now in Australia..so celebrating any “freedom” is asinine.
It’s not over yet the fight is still there. They’re about to inject kindergartens man .. Handing out medals at the event ? Really?

Just a bunch of people with inflamed egos with accusations and no proof. We are all wishing for a pro choice society so let’s all respect each other’s choices. Unity will prevail but if we turn on each the darkness wins.

Do what you want Rukshan….we all love you regardless and what you are doing is important…keep shining.

I think one of the biggest issues with this whole thing, is the way that The Aussie Cossack and others have treated people asking questions about it. He called and bullied people and blocked them, so did many others. There were also death threats. This kind of behaviour is not needed. And when it comes from “freedom fighters” you have to ask yourself why? Why don’t they like questions? Why can’t there be open dialogue? Why do they need to block every person with a different view? Why are death threats being thrown around?

I love you Rukshan but I also stick by Anthony, Fanos & Raph the original trailblazers in the freedom movement. Let’s not forget who was there for the people right at the start. There are a lot of things that just don’t sit right with many of us. The fact that Monica & Anthony have been treated differently as both political prisoners. Monica gets out of jail early & politicians making a huge noise about her situation yet Anthony Khallouf did his full time in jail & looks like not many of you were fighting for him & he’s been through a lot. That in itself is an injustice that they were treated differently. You can’t really blame people for feeling suspicious, I believe. Thanks for the post. Very much appreciated.
And just for the record, the way Cossack threw Anthony out of the venue was absolutely disgusting.

With great success comes criticism unfortunately, keep doing what you’re doing.

Original Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CXj13OKhTbB/

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