Dan Andrews – Stop the UN Funded “Melbourne Experiment”

Dan Andrews – Stop the UN Funded “Melbourne Experiment”

By National Times Australia

Do it now … We’ve all had enough!

Tell the UN and Monash University that we are no longer the world’s ‘lab rats’.

We want our lives back!

“The Melbourne Experiment is a landmark interdisciplinary research collaboration studying the effects of COVID-19 on the functions of a city and an international model for post-COVID-19 urban recovery and renewal. Bringing together research expertise across Monash University, the Melbourne Experiment examines key activities and elements of the urban environment before, during and after the pandemic.”


“The Survey of COVID-19 Responses to Understand Behaviour (SCRUB), conducted in partnership with the government of Victoria, has tracked Australians’ behavioural responses and attitudes to COVID-19 since March 2020. These include protective behaviours, such as wearing masks and physical distancing; travel and workplace behaviours; and compliance with rules and restrictions. It has collected urgent evidence to support government policy responses to COVID-19. SCRUB also provides an example of how close collaboration between government and academia can lead to evidence-informed policy, including, potentially, for future pandemics.

The Melbourne Digital City Model combines a range of urban data sets into an interactive 3D platform. The model advances SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities by supporting collaborative decision-making on sustainable post-coronavirus futures. The project is conducting a pilot in a Melbourne suburb, investigating how to plan and design 20-minute neighbourhoods in the post-COVID-19 city.

The multidisciplinary approach of the Melbourne Experiment holds relevance beyond its namesake city. Its form and function could be replicated globally to strategically map and pull apart the complex web of repercussions and opportunities born from this pandemic and future crises.”


Original Source: https://www.nationaltimesaustralia.com/state-of-affairs/dan-andrews-stop-the-un-funded-melbourne-experiment/

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