Australia One Party (A1) – Victorian Nurse Speaks Out

Australia One Party (A1) – Victorian Nurse Speaks Out

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Tess Goode has been a nurse for the past four years and she has spoken out about the truth behind the hospital system we are not told.

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There is nothing anyone can do. Ofcourse TV never on but now also any of these sites. Had enough of being awake. Me, i will be giving every fibre of my being to my son who has Cancer Stage 4 Brain Cancer Glioblastoma. What is in store for us all is in Gods hands. “what will be, WILL BE”. Good luck everyone.

It’s amazing how all these ‘health’ professionals never question the lack of evidence that SarsCov2 exist as if it doesn’t matter!

Despite my disadvantaged status, I stay extremely healthy by supporting my natural immunity as best I can, and avoiding allopathy and other toxins (GMOs, fluoride, phthalates, etc), doctors clinics and hospitals (for nosocomial infections), and recognising that doctors and nurses know sweet FA about vaccines but will push them to the hilt using marketing slogans like “safe and effective” (despite the US Supreme Court finding them “unavoidably unsafe”) and “the greatest public health success of the last century” (despite the statistics refuting such assertions, as laid out by Dr. Suzanne Humphries and many others).

I think a lot of people are making the mistake of believing that we have a health system that’s not being considerate enough, dropping the ball, and making mistakes in their judgement etc etc. When really.. it’s no longer a ‘health system’ at all. It’s no longer anything like a real health system. It’s merely a “criminal department” posing as if it’s a health system. There is no negotiating with a criminal tyranny. Especially when it’s global… and especially when they have an agenda to fulfill. And that agenda is to have nothing short of 100% of the entire world on their criminal vaccination treadmill. They have absolutely no use whatsoever for these people they smear as ‘anti-vaxxers’..and they WILL eventually KILL all those people ‘not willing to get on board’ in death camps. And yes, it will get to that! I don’t see anything stopping this from happening. A1, Bosi with his bad ass military connections etc etc..won’t be able to do bugger all about it! ‘NO ONE’ will ever be able to stop this now! The madness and mass psychosis is far too entrenched within the basic fabric of global society. The machine and its influence is way too big…and they have way too much control! Their impenetrable power over the greater population of the planet and “what it believes” is now literally impossible to bring down. They will eventually have their hypnotised fully jabbed and boosted population so MORTALLY TERRIFIED.. that these brainwashed morons will be absolutely begging their government to kill all the non-vaxxed in order to keep them safe! They’ve already made big steps towards laying down the ground work for the mass culling of the enemy unvaxxed and all who attempt to obstruct their plans. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau said on national TV.. “the unvaxxed are merely taking up space”. Macron in France said something like.. “We’re going to make their lives absolute hell”. No one in the mainstream media ‘even questioned them’. This can only mean ‘one thing’. And historically… we all know what that ‘one thing’ is.

APHRA have been ringing Doctors Surgeries and threatening them about giving out medical exemptions after people contract Covid ….I think before to long exemptions after infection will no longer exist

I think the main thing I get from this is ; … if Australia has Regulators that are regulating poliicy for peoples death, Aust is in a real predicament. Domestic terrorism & regulated murder… to name a few.

It’s nothing to have 20+ patients on a ward during a night shift, with only 2 nurses run off their feet. They disconnect bed alarms because they are constantly buzzing, and they can’t answer them. Falls, head strikes, dementia patients wandering around and lost, laying in their own excrement until just before change of shift or just before visiting hours. Infection control is a joke. Management doesn’t care, they’re just counting the beans, and looking for every last dollar to write up in their notes for their coding dept to claim against people funding them. Records are redacted or edited to reflect positive outcomes. Internal reviews/complaints are either dismissed, or intercepted. Yes, I have seen all of this first hand, and threatened when concern was raised. As for employees… take the vax or dismissed. The bullying and intimidation is persistent and brutal. The most caring nurses, are the ones that are leaving. What are we left with? Those that are desperate for work, or have the same mindset as management – which is now the majority. Nursing is no longer attracting caring individuals – it’s a paycheck. A conveyor belt of suffering on both sides. The system is corrupted and broken beyond repair. You would be justified to be afraid of hospitalisation.

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