The Missing Sun of Tartaria – Tartaria Australia

The Missing Sun of Tartaria – Tartaria Australia

By Auto didactic

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Danny Smith
Absolutely loved this show..I don’t agree with everything that’s been said but that’s one reason I love you guys so much you make us question our beliefs instead of just being in an echo chamber

Legion James
In the fantasy novel series LIGHTBRINGER. Some people are called drafters because they can suck light in through their eyes and push what is called luxin out of their bodies forming it into shapes and things with their minds. Its called drafting luxin. Different colors do different things, some luxin is bendable some is hard and breakable some is streatchy ext based on the color. Awsome series by the way. The last 3 books are the best fantasy ive seen in years. I think this presentation is in the realm of fantasy to a degree but the what ifs are very fun. If tech was light based in the past and the cause of that tech was to dissapear that sure would explain why the tech is all gone now.

Lorra Ley
This was sooo much fun!!! A whole lot of what kelly is describing reminds me very much of what J.R.R. Tolkien talks about in The Silmarillion. The different light sources, the utter darkness after these lightsources where destroyed numerous times, the coming of mortal men into the world while it was in this period of darkness. Such great ideas here.

carol watson
Your theory really resonated with me. I’ve often thought, why do I have to eat and go to the bathroom I’m pretty sure I didn’t have to do this in my last life. And of course I’ve always thought that everything about our system is totally wrong. I love the Sun I spend a lot of time in it. I’m also a rockhound. To me rocks are what’s left of us, the rocks give me guidance, and I find great therapy for my soul in collecting them. Fantastic video, much love to you all.

Very interesting regarding the darkness… imagine the stress and fear it would have created. That is really unimaginable. Their entire world, their routine, thought process, vibration, entire life would have to be altered in such an extreme way.

Fascinating! Interestingly, I read a book called Linda Goodman’s Star Signs many years ago. In one of the chapters it mentions what you speak of: that once there were two suns, and one exploded and was replaced by the moon. She didn’t go into details about what exactly happened, unfortunately.

Tomiwa Adeosun
Pretty much everything that was discussed intuitively made sense to me. There were a few words that triggered me to remember a song by the artist Rahsaan Patterson entitled Pitch Black. If that song isn’t exactly describing the premise of your very plausible theory I’d be shocked. I don’t believe in coincidences and we all know that truth is placed in plain sight and often in the arts. Great job guys. I love the thought placed at the centre of all this. Much love

Karen Taylor
Thoroughly enjoyed this show, makes a lot of sense and answers to a lot of my questions – absolutely spot on to both of you (especially Kelly’s observations).

Intent2leave Matrix
Absolutely wonderful show. Loved and resonated so much with Kelly’s theories.
Interestingly you show a Pink Floyd album cover (dark side of the moon). They have also made a song called ‘two suns in the sunset’ . read the lyrics and watch the album cover.
Ooh, and by the way. Could the ‘black death’ have been a direct result of the missing sun – the darkness.

The Newman’s
I love hearing your theories and ideas!
I recently heard that our brains have also shrunk but in the same ratio to that of domesticated animals.
Have we been domesticated? Look at how a portion of the population react in heard mentality. Our Pekin ducks act like they have PTSD from domestication.
Conversely cats can’t go all the way domesticated. I hope we are like the cat!
Just a theory.

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