Google & Wikipedia Hide Info on Schwab’s Father

Google & Wikipedia Hide Info on Schwab’s Father

By Peznt Journalist

Thread1 Klaus Schwab’s father has been hidden fairly well. Why? Is it because of his father’s connection to Hitler and the 3rd Reich?

Thread on his father’s connection to the 3rd reich, Jewish mother, & German step-mother he chose (over his paternal mother) to dedicate 1 of his books to.

Thread2 Google & Wikipedia hide info on Schwab’s father. Check it out (Google: Klaus Schwab Father)

Schwab’s father was Eugen Willhelm Schwab born in Swabia, Germany 1899

He was married to Emma Gisela Tekelius

Employed by Escher-Wyss AG

Notice Ancestry hides his son, Klaus’s name

Thread3 Klaus’s mother, Emma (Gisele) was Jewish. She fled Germany during WW2 in 1938 and arrived in New York on Dec 9th, 1938.


Thread4 After Schwab’s Jewish mother fled to the USA, his father remarried German, Erika Epprecht. Schwab dedicates his book, “Stakeholder Capitalism” “to my parents Eugen Willhelm Schwab and Erika Epprecht” Why did Schwab not include his paternal mother’s name?


Thread5 Schwab’s father was the managing director at Escher Wyss during WW2 and helped supply weapons and materials for the 3rd reich. Klaus Schwab was himself was a managing board member of Escher Wyss from 1967-1970

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