Maria Zeee & Aussie Cossack Reveal Damaging Police Admission

Maria Zeee & Aussie Cossack Reveal Damaging Police Admission

By Aussie Cossack

The charges against Aussie Cossack at the Downing Centre today relate to this video from 21st August 2021.

Here’s what others had to say:

Grahams Engineering
Damn, I just fell off my chair laughing so hard, sitting in a Tax payer funded Command Bus watching a YouTube vehicle. That so-called acting inspector should be charged and jailed. The fact that he admitted under oath in a court of Law that the police are targeting the Freedom Movement, goose goose goose.

I seriously cannot understand how some former cop in the future, could sit there and tell their grandchildren “I fought against freedom”

Tina Silkov
Year’s ago, I was in a situation where I chose not to go along with. I chose to walk away. No job is worth it. All true police officers, when asked to break the rules against the people who they are meant to protect… should say No also.

Jenn Hack
I don’t agree with everything you say, but believe in your right to free speech. Give the police hell and that MP even more! Having a beer for you, mate. Cheers.

Rj Chavers
I’m an American viewer. What is happening in Australia, Canada, the EU and New Zealand is the canary in the coalmine. Keep doing what you’re doing, Simeon. I don’t agree with everything you say, but you’re spot on about Aussie politics. The good people of Australia should be heeding your warnings.

Christian Gundesen
You notice the police don’t talk about operations in regard to actual terrorism and terrorists anymore, they only talk about “far right extremists” which means Australian citizens.

Renie Xabbu
Testing people’s tolerance has been done here in Australia too, back in 2011 they started cutting coma to any community that got physically isolated by a natural(?) disaster I was in it is lasted 3 weeks, we had 6 hours on the next morning to get word out that we were safe and then they shut it down, that’s also the evidence that the coms were fine until the gov and their emergency services moved in, we had food shortages and curfews this happened in the 2011 qld floods.

Novocastrians For Change
Questions really do need to be asked about Kristina Keneally’s citizenship.There’s been plenty of other politicians who have resigned due to being born in another country and dual citizenship.

Sarah Campbell
Judges often turn their mics off when it suits them, let’s hope this gem has actually been recorded, otherwise you will not get it in transcribed form. When this happens you can hear the cut in the audio when you go to the courts to listen.

The Q that needs to be asked is who ordered this ‘tactical operation?’ And who is ordering them and who’s ordering them and who’s ordering them?

a hel
So anyone else wondering how the Australian elections will be fortified?
Though I’d also be surprised if it all doesn’t collapse under the weight of ongoing mandates.

Garry Holmes
I’ll never forget the treatment of a western sydney middle eastern man who was handcuffed while having a medical episode during lockdown and the blue shirts standing around talking.

Gregory Adorian
I am really disgusted with police and our government after watching this presentation.
If they are using a police tactical command unite to coordinate their activity
what are the details of their activity against freedom loving people?

Samson & Minnie
It’s not easy to fight the good fight, most people oppose a man or woman conducting himself / herself in their correct capacity, standing for truth!!!
Only the courageous ones will continue the fight.
God bless the Cossack and Zeee
Keep up the good great work

Ian Knight
Yes, they do it all the time, I’ve had an incident where the Western Australian Police I legally obtained a search warrant. Then broke into my house refused to identify themselves, assaulted me then left after 4hrs with no charges. When I posted photos of the criminal cops on face book, I had the said cop threaten me as they were monitoring my Facebook because I know of a number of crimes committed by them.

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