Well Said Kelly Slater

Well Said Kelly Slater

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Well said Kelly Slater.

Covid vaccines are for losers anyhow . Don’t be a loser . Stay away from experimental drugs, with the side effect of death, for a imaginary flu that only exists in the weak small minds of paid for mainstream media and fraudulent quackzinne industry .

$1 million for proof Covid isnt an imaginary virus made up on computer, and $1 million for a single autopsy proving just one person has died from it,and $1 million for proof just a single person has ever caught it .

Covid is an invented fairly tale,and and an embarrassment society fell for such a scam they can’t even provide proof of. Ask your Governments to prove otherwise.

Stop listening to Covid fraud deniers and their complete and utter bullshit. Put up or shut up.

It’s time the world stopped listening to charlatans and conmen and Billionaire kiddie fiddlers.

And show some level of critical thinking
Take a Bs 19 jab and you’ll regret it .

Taking a jab and boasting your not dead 4 weeks later ( because you got a placebo -54% first doses are in Aust) isn’t exactly a great product review.

If the first 3 jabs don’t kill you don’t worry the next 3 certainly will, or worse you’ll be so sick , you wish you were dead.

At least it stops dumb people from breeding as it makes jab takers infertile.

So some benifits after all.

If you take a jab stay away from me.

I have zero tolerance to hang around with losers, and so should you .

It’s time to call out the Covid fraud deniers and losers in society. Don’t be drug junkie pin cushion. Grow a spine and so no.



Here’s what others had to say:

Judy Alder
Jamie honestly that type of approach is NOT helpful. Not everyone may have the inner strength and resolve to resist the greatest global hypnotism ever perped on the masses. I’ve been following your wisdom and guts for a while now but that sort of condescension is NOT acceptable at all when people are already suiciding because of the blackmail. Have a heart please. Go over your post and delete the critical attacks PLEASE thankyou.

Kat Bosco
I do not believe hate speech and stereotyping helps at all….the propoganda machine is very.powetful and cognitive behaviour conditioning even more so with punishment and rewards.

Anne Michelle Kathleen
How can we confirm this placebo information you shared? A researcher I follow in India posted the same but no documents to support.

Marie Bell
Total agree. I’ve had Covid and it was just like a cold

Neil Lynn
Unfortunately it’s not as easy as that. My wife has had her first jab (against my wishes) yes we had a huge fight about it but I didn’t walk away from her, why? Because I love her and she’s my wife. I just pray to god that she now doesn’t get sick or worse from the jab. I’ve made her promise to get a full blood work up after her second jab.

Vania Power
Yes Kelly and Trevor!! Listen to them over any Doctor 100%!! The proof is in the pudding as they say. And they are absolute proof of how to live a natural healthy lifestyle physically and nutritionally. Get rid of all medicines out of your body and clean gut health will prevail!!

Ken Ricketts
What Poole said didn’t even make sense

Bronwyn Green
Look into colloidal silver nature’s solution for bacteria and virus including COVID

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