My Answer to Those Being Threatened With the Experimental Drug Disguised as a Quackzinne

My Answer to Those Being Threatened With the Experimental Drug Disguised as a Quackzinne

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

My answer to those being threatened with the experimental drug disguised as a quackzinne that’s rushed to market, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective, untested, insane, ludicrous, and has the side effect of death.

Just say very little in meetings.
Use legal template letters if you wish provided at Australian National Review.

We also have helped fund the Australian National Employees Association to help represent all workers in Australia wide considering the sell-out Unions mostly aren’t helping.

Have them put everything in writing.
Do not resign or take the jab otherwise you lose.

Make them sack you, as they legally can’t and you’ll win.

Let them know if I’m sacked, I’ll be taking legal action, going public, and will seek a large settlement and ensure you personally are held to account.

I’m not sure how much it may cost your business, but please try me and test the level I will go to to hold any one accountable for such a pathetic threat.

Make it clear.
Are you asking me to take an experimental drug with the side effect of death or you’ll sack me?

Please put it in writing ask them.

Then you have what you need to sue them.
They are bluffing and will lose.

Mandates are just that.

It’s a game of bluff.

Have courage and say no.

If you take the jab you won’t have a job.

For two reasons

Economic collapse is coming anyhow from the massive deaths and injuries coming from the lethal jabs. The health system and financial systems will collapse

And if you take the jab you’ll be too sick in the future to work.

If you resign or take the jab you lose.

It’s a simple stance.

And class-action lawyers are listed and available etc at: home page Resources banner for all the help re legal template letters etc.

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